Working with you is my calling

I want to help you energize your career

During my career, I have been passionate about how organizations communicate effectively and how people can manage their career in a way that is rewarding for their individual strengths, goals and priorities. The combination of those two passions is why I created Dare to be Deliberate.

With a career foundation in communications, combined with more than 20 years of recruiting and career coaching experience, I am able to help marketing and communications leaders think about how you approach career decisions and what you must do to be more intentional in the everyday actions needed to be at the top of your professional game.

Working with you is my calling, because I want to energize you when it comes to yours.


Angee, I love your thoughts on being more deliberate in your career. You really helped me get to the strategic thinking about where I want to be in five years.


– MARK, Communications Agency Leader


I Want You To Love What You Do

As I look back on my career journey, there were certainly ups and downs. When I finally got serious about being intentional in my own career choices, everything changed and I found work that I love and that is making a difference.

That's what I want to help you do. Because I hear so many stories from hiring leaders about what they look for in their high potential hires, and from candidates as they maneuver through their careers, I have a unique point of view that can help guide you to love what you do.

Enjoying your career means you have to be deliberate in your job choices, your professional relationships and your ongoing learning and development to consistently hone your skills. I want to help you create an action plan to do just that.

Three ways to level up your career



Join a powerful, curated peer group to take a journey of self-discovery, values, and goals. Each workshop is a highly interactive session designed to put you in control of your career—and your life—with the right tools in hand.



Offered in both small group and one-on-one structures, career coaching helps you identify the blockers, enablers, and accelerators in your career and your life. Sometimes a fresh perspective is exactly what you need to get to the next level.



Drawing from interviews with 10 executives plus her perspective as a recruiter and career coach for marketing and communications leaders, Angee offers insights and advice to comms pros ready to be more intentional in their careers.

Looking for a recruiter instead?

If you're looking to hire or be hired, Angee can help you.